Crafting The Story Behind The Tech

For an engineering project to achieve its full potential, comprehensive solutions for technical content and publication services are essential. Wyss&Lila’s specialized team of experts is here to provide all the necessary documentation to ensure the successful completion of your project in a cost-efficient manner.


Our engineers at Wyss&Lila are committed to delivering solutions that align perfectly with your specific needs. Our offerings in the field of technical documentation encompass a wide range of services:

Editing: Creation and revision of various types of manuals, such as: Maintenance Manual, Preventive Manual, Corrective Manual, Overhaul Manual, OH Component Manual, Component /Vehicle Commission Manual, NDT Inspection/Measurement Manual, List of Special Tools / Test Benches, Trouble Shooting Manual, Cleaning Manual, Spare Parts Catalog, Obsolescence Management Analysis & Data Base, Operational Driver Manual & Training Material.

Illustrations: Our illustrators specialize in creating and revising visual aids, converting from 2D to 3D when necessary. Visual information is vital in engineering, and our team leverages advanced techniques to provide clear and accurate depictions of components and systems.

Publication Management: Comprehensive program and project management services enable us to oversee the entire publication process. From initial content creation to final printing or digital publication, we ensure that every step is handled with precision and efficiency.

Translation: With globalization at the forefront of today’s industry, multilingual documentation is often required. Our certified experts provide accurate translations, allowing your content to reach a broader audience without losing any technical accuracy.

Migration of Legacy Data: Legacy data often requires migration to current industry standards. Using automation techniques and spare parts catalog, we transform outdated formats and structures into modern, accessible, and compliant data sets.

Customized Software Solutions: Whether it’s data validation tools, custom publishing tools, or IETP testing, our software solutions are tailored to meet your particular needs. We offer customization to ensure alignment with your existing systems and workflows.

Customized Stylesheets: In line with our commitment to tailored solutions, we create or update stylesheets for various programs to meet specific client needs. These stylesheets provide consistency and a professional appearance across all your documents.

By engaging with Wyss&Lila for your technical content and publication services, you are choosing a partner dedicated to the precise alignment of technical solutions with your project requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, illustrators, translators, and software developers work synergistically to provide cohesive, comprehensive solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Your Technical Needs

Wyss&Lila’s experts prioritize customization, aligning content and documents with the specific requirements and expectations of your unique project. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures precision and compliance with all potential demands of your customers.

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Present your project to Wyss&Lila, and we will provide the technical content and publication services needed to represent your company’s engineering prowess. Contact us today to benefit from our industry-leading expertise and customized solutions.